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Woman wearing 'Mother of the Year' shirt arrested after vicious attack on female umpire following kids' softball game

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Authorities arrested a woman wearing a "Mother of the Year" shirt after she reportedly attacked a female umpire after a kids' softball game in Mississippi on Saturday.

What are the details?

Police said that Kiara Nichelle Thomas punched umpire Kristi Moore in the face after a youth softball game.

The attack left Moore with bruising, abrasions, and a black eye.

Thomas, according to reports, was previously asked to leave the youth game for screaming profanities. She reportedly waited for the game to end and carried out her attack when Moore exited the field.

What else is there to know about this?

Moore told WLBT-TV that she — a 10-year umpire veteran — was filling in for a friend.

"It’s ridiculous," Moore said. "The verbal abuse. And even now, the physical abuse now, at this point, and enough is enough. I also staff every USFA tournament in the state of Mississippi with umpires, and it gets harder and harder to staff these tournaments because no one wants to listen to the verbal abuse and run the risk of what happened to me happening to them."

Authorities arrested Thomas in connection with the attack and charged her with simple assault.

Umpire punched in face after calling school game, left with black eye www.youtube.com

'There is no excuse for this'

Moore took to Facebook, where she went into greater detail about her feelings on the incident.

"The next time you go to a tournament and you only have one umpire on the field ... this is why," she wrote. "When you have brand new umpires on the field that may not know everything they should know yet ... this is why. When you don’t feel you have the quality of umpires you should ... this is why. When the day comes that your kid can’t play a ballgame because there are no longer officials to call it ... THIS. IS. WHY."

She continued, "Before you post the next 'funny' meme about umpires that suck, or are blind, or have missed callls [sic] on their phone or whatever it is, before you post about how an umpire was so awful and terrible and lost the game for you ... why don’t you sign up? Get on out there and give it a go."

She concluded, "I got punched coming off a field last night. There is no excuse for this. If you think this is ok, please remove yourself from my friend list. Umpires are not perfect. We never will be. But guess what? No one is."

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