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Here's how Andrew Yang plans to make you stop eating beef in order to combat global warming


"Some people are going to hate this..."

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Democrat presidential candidate Andrew Yang said that if he were elected he would regulate beef to make it so expensive that Americans change their eating habits.

The plan came as the entrepreneur answered a question about how to combat global warming at MSNBC's town hall event.

"Cattle is very energy-consuming and energy-expensive," Yang said.

"And if you project forward on what we would need to do to reduce emissions, you would want to modify Americans' diets over time," he explained.

Yang told the audience not to hate cattle for their emissions that worsened global warming.

"I do think it's difficult to regulate diets. So what you would want to do again is you'd want those cattle producers to have to internalize the cost of emissions," Yang continued.

"So then, what that would naturally do, and some people are going to hate this, but it would probably make those products more expensive," he concluded. "And that is appropriate, because there is a cost to producing food in that way. And so if you were to make it more expensive, then you would end up changing consumption patterns."

The plan follows in the vein of that from the Green New Deal from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), which bizarrely plotted to eliminate "farting cows" in a FAQ document ridiculed brutally by her critics. The document was eventually deleted from her official website.

Here's the video of Yang's anti-beef comments:

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