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Wolf Blitzer afraid proof of FBI criminal actions during Russia probe may make people believe it’s true


He's shocked to find shennanigans may have happened in the establishment.

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On Thursday, CNN reported that an FBI lawyer is under criminal investigation for altering documents used to obtain a FISA surveillance warrant in 2016 on a Trump adviser. Of course, that has led the media, and CNN's Wolf Blitzer in particular, to express concern that the disclosure might "provide ammunition to the President and his allies that this whole Russia investigation was criminally wrong."

That's Wolf Blitzer's concern: That the revelation there were illegal activities surrounding the Obama administration's Justice Department spying on a rival political campaign may lead people to believe that the spying happened.

And it isn't just Blitzer. In the original written report from CNN, the author threw this in as the second paragraph:

The possibility of a substantive change to an investigative document is likely to fuel accusations from President Donald Trump and his allies that the FBI committed wrongdoing in its investigation of connections between Russian election meddling and the Trump campaign.

Don't worry, though, Deep State supporters. The completely trustworthy Washington Post has chimed in that the criminal conduct "did not affect the overall validity of the surveillance application."

The Left and its media allies have ignored the fact that the Obama administration's Justice Department spied on a rival political campaign. They relentlessly attacked LevinTV host Mark Levin for bringing it up based on the media's own reporting. They have painted those warning about it as conspiracy theorists.

If the Justice Department inspector general's report shows multiple acts of criminality by politically motivated members of the FBI and other agencies, what will be exposed is something that will make Gordon Liddy and the boys' burglary at the Watergate Hotel look like amateur hour.

The media is in for a rude awakening on Dec. 9, when the report is expected to be made public.

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