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WTF MSM!? WaPo’s impeachment fantasy ends with ‘President Pelosi’


The progressive endgame …

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Letting the cat out of the bag? …

The Washington Post just broadcast its impeachment fantasy for the whole world to see. From the moment President Donald Trump's inauguration was over, the Left and its media allies have been trying to remove him. Now the Post reveals the endgame dreams of the Left: President Nancy Pelosi. The paper published an op-ed that lets you know "it could happen."

Not content with merely removing the duly elected Trump for the crime of winning an election, the Left is now openly wondering how Nancy Pelosi could become president, skipping a hypothetical President Pence altogether.

Here's the close:

And yet, Sorensen's memo will be an essential - if not the only - guidebook for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., should she find herself getting closer to the Oval Office. The vice president appears to be a witness, at least, to the affairs under investigation, so the prospect of the House speaker's ascension is not as remote as it seemed just a week ago. If Sorensen's advice sounds somewhat quaint, it is only because we have drifted so far off the course set by previous presidents and the Founding Fathers.

No matter who succeeds this president, or when, the Sorensen memo is a road map to restoring the dignity, integrity and basic function of the nation's highest office. The chaos created by the current occupant's heedless, indulgent and volatile leadership - if it can be considered "leadership" - calls for attention to the national interest and preparation to avoid the kinds of hasty, unwise judgments and actions that can result in catastrophic mistakes. Although from another time, the Sorensen memo offers sage counsel for undertaking such preparations and a plan to steady our careening country and get it back on track.

This has never been about Donald Trump. It has always been about restoring the Left's power that Trump threatens. The WaPo once again proves that point.

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