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Commentary: It is time for men to finally take a stand and fight threats from progressivism


No more weakness

Photo by Panayotis Tzamaros/NurPhoto via Getty Images

"Men? Men are weak." —Lord Elrond, "The Fellowship of the Ring"

Because of my own feet of clay, I would have been flattered earlier in my career when people emailed me for advice about "what to do" concerning the latest moral or political sticky wicket. But now, here at the end of all things America, those requests for direction only lead me to lamentation.

For if you, particularly as men, constantly need to be led when the proverbial bleep is hitting the fan, then you are doing the dude code wrong. There is clearly nothing more to philosophize or strategize about. There is only to decline the Faustian bargain from progressivism of endless decadence and destruction and to hit back with extreme prejudice.

That's what men have done before when the death of the West hit our existential shores in the form of Nazis, Confederates, or Redcoats. Enough of us remembered that God is ordered toward a justice we are charged to defend with our lives, fortunes, and sacred honors as the inheritors of the tree of liberty.

I saw such men recently in the form of New York's Hasidic Jewish community, who had been shut out of various community open spaces with chains and locks by the tyrannical con artist known as Mayor Bill de Blasio. Apparently, they did not get the memo from Drew Brees and Mike Gundy to castrate themselves in broad daylight to appease the woke mob. Instead, they grabbed their bolt cutters and said, "Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work we go."

Their patience was done. Their dignity was threatened. The headship of their community and their homes had been tested beyond reason. So with their young sons smiling proudly at their fathers as they did so, these Hasidic Jewish men cut the locks faster than you can say "Baal" and took their damn country back.

Meanwhile, we have witnessed the death of men in the wonderful world of "peaceful" riots, where young black thugs clearly suffer the vicious cycle of perpetual fatherlessness that makes sure they are never held accountable to anything other than their base desires. And young white thugs in Antifa suffer similarly, although their fathers were more likely to be there in body if not in spirit. For a boy who can shave living under the same roof, wearing skinny jeans with a silly "Coexist" bumper sticker on his Volvo, does not a man or a father make.

Either way, there was a void: of accountability, of purpose, of waking up day after day and seeing a model of faith and fortitude.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the nation of CHAZ. It doesn't matter how hearty the laugh track is on that Seattle commune's antics right now, because it is coming to a reality near you unless you get off your ass, find your Gen. Sherman, and burn it to the ground.

Meanwhile, President Trump seems to have lost his MAGA hat and mojo altogether, while NFL commissioner Roger Goodell now wants Colin Kaepernick to help "guide" the league with social justice when he's not wearing a T-shirt commemorating mass murderer Che Guevara.

As Lord Elrond also once said, "Our list of allies grows thin." Which means it's up to you — yes, I mean YOU — to be the Aragorn here. To be the man who stands and proclaims, "The day may come when the courage of men fails ... but it is not this day."

No matter how hard it is or what it will cost. Now is the time for choosing.

Are you grateful for what your nation was born to stand for and defend? Will you pass on anything less to your children?

Are you a mouse or a man?

What will it be?

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