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Commentary: Hey, suburban women, you're being played


Trump isn't your problem

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This week in the cesspool of utter madness that is swallowing up a once great nation...

A former partner of Hunter Biden has confirmed that the drug addict was inserted into high places within Chinese and Ukrainian business circles in order to trade access to then-Vice President Joe Biden for cash. You may remember China as the country that poisoned the entire world with the coronavirus earlier this year and Ukraine as the nation used as a foil to impeach Donald Trump. But sure, suburban women, Trump is your problem.

Speaking of the coronavirus, a Danish newspaper has reported that three of the largest scientific journals in the world have refused to publish for the purpose of peer review (aka scrutiny) the first major scientific study investigating the efficacy of masks as a deterrent for viral spread. Damn, Fauci would be proud. That's some quality memory holing right there. Maybe the mask study will find Sweden down at the bottom of the upside down. But sure, suburban women, Trump is your problem.

In other memory hole news, Twitter blocked the accounts of Trump coronavirus task force member Dr. Scott Atlas, the New York Post, the press secretary for the president of the United States, the Babylon Bee, and the Senate Judiciary Committee for crimes against humanity such as free speech, funny jokes about ducks, accurate medical expertise, actual journalism, and uncovering government corruption. But sure, suburban women, Trump is your problem.

You know whose Twitter account hasn't been blocked? Jeffrey Toobin. One of CNN's most celebrated progressive propagandists, he was caught masturbating while on a Zoom call with his colleagues. Not only was he not fired, but multiple newspapers wrote editorials defending his actions as commonplace and that Toobin was being unfairly maligned due to prudishness and spite. And this is all after Toobin was previously, ahem, exposed for bullying a colleague's daughter whom he impregnated into getting an abortion, then refusing to pay child support. #metoo used to be an actual thing, right? Darn memory hole again. But sure, suburban women, Trump is your problem.

What's that you say about harassing women? The Democrats on the Senate Judiciary committee are boycotting a vote to approve a Catholic mother of seven who graduated top of her class as a justice on the U.S. Supreme Court because, well, she's a Catholic mother of seven. Didn't Amy Coney Barrett get the memo about how God, babies and two genders are everything this nation was founded to destroy? But sure, suburban women, Trump is your problem.

Destroying education is also fun. Just ask the Karens in some of the nation's largest school districts who are insisting that no one return to in-person class until August of 2021. None of the science or data supports that, so obviously the teacher's unions are full speed ahead. Like in California, where they want to "dispel the myth that male and female sex organs are different." Sounds totally normal. But sure, suburban women, Trump is your problem.

And lastly, the Avengers actors were given untold Thanos snaps this week after even the most leftist among them proved unworthy of the woke mob's lust for hatred. When Chris Pratt declined to join his fellow cast members at an event to endorse Biden, he started taking abuse on social media. Then, to their great credit, the Biden-supporting cast members rallied around Pratt and endorsed him as a nice guy who was afforded all the same rights they were. Which, I'm sure you can guess, pissed off the woke mob even more than they originally were with Pratt, including the vile trashing of Zoe Saldana, a black women. But sure, suburban women, Trump is your problem.

Oh, and don't forget Biden wants 8-year-olds to transgender themselves.

Suburban women have a clear choice, and it's not really Trump versus Biden. Because while Trump isn't your problem, it's also fair to say he might not really be your solution in many ways, either. But — and this is a very big but — he just isn't "them."

Them? A reality-hating tribe that is clearly willing to throw out, burn, loot, and destroy whatever you think a woman is. None of it fundamentally matters to them. It is dark, decadent power they worship at an altar where femininity not only isn't valued, it is designated for the pagan memory hole along with everything else that is good, true, and beautiful.

Laws don't matter. Science doesn't matter. Life doesn't matter. God doesn't matter. Decency doesn't matter. And Biden was necromanced into the role of Democrat candidate for president because he would unquestioningly serve such chaos.

So who, suburban women, are you voting for again?

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