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Commentary: The truth always comes out eventually


Some of us try to cover it up

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (Photo by Lev Radin/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images)

First, the darkness.

There's a lot of it these days, I know. But New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his Wormtongue of a brother, Chris of CNN, stand out in particular.

The lengths they are going to cover up the tracks of their dance with death are remarkable most of all for their desire to actually be seen doing it. In broad daylight and live on camera. The governor never seems satisfied with his last lie on the topic of sentencing the elderly in group living facilities to their deaths from COVID-19, now instead of saying that he was merely following the recommendations of the federal government that it never happened at all.

But reality says that Gov. Cuomo plowed about 6,000 COVID-positive seniors back into nursing homes, which contributed to the state of New York all by itself competing for the title of worst hit nations of the entire world. Usually, that would be something journalism would help clear up.

Instead, Chris Cuomo went the fake tough guy route – AGAIN – with Sen. Ted Cruz, who came on his show to declare on behalf of all decent people that the emperor and his court jester brother have no clothes.

"Doesn't it bother you," asked Cruz of the Cuomos' perpetual deceitful incantations over the graves of those they led to COVID slaughter. Well, not only does it not, but they seem to take a perverse joy in letting everyone know with their megaphone that whatever you think of them, you will never be able to hold them accountable for any of it.

But accountability, sooner or later, comes for us all. And in another corner of the world, its heavy hand led to light in the darkness.

Model Chrissy Teigen and singer John Legend announced via social media that they lost their baby due to bleeding complications in Teigen's pregnancy. She told of the "kind of pain we've never felt before." She told of how she and her husband called "this little guy in my belly" Jack. She told of how, through it all, they were "grateful for the life we have."

How humbling to see such grace and clarity flow through the personage of a grieving mother. In some ways, it could be said she lost everything. Yet there she is, showing all of us that somehow, through it all, the good, the true and the beautiful still shine.

Because she covered up nothing. She laid herself bare. She acknowledged the truth. It was a life that was lost. A boy. With a name. Not a statistic. Not a clump of cells. Not a choice. She told him she was sorry his road was so short and so hard. She told him he would always be loved.

This is the way. This is the road to salvation. Whether at the beginning, like dear Jack. Or at the end, like those cursed to live in a nursing home ransacked by Gov. Cuomo, to understand without fail that each and every one of our lives are heaven sent and worthy of dignity and protection from undue harm.

If we did, oh how much of this world would be different. The stupid presidential debates. The streets of our burning and plundered cities. The Supreme Court. The pursuits of science.


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