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Deace: No more ‘nicer than God’ politicians

Stefani Reynolds/Getty Images

No more “nicer than God” types like Mike Pence. Their weakness is both destructive and, quite frankly, disgusting. Our nation simply can’t survive much longer with them at the helm.

I have long warned against limp, emasculated, nicer-than-God pietistic pansies like him that have for too long poisoned what should be our cultural strongholds – our patriarchy, our pulpits, and our political offices. And now here we are, in free fall into the dark pit at the bottom of the slippery slope of the near total failure of American manhood.

Pence has no chance as a presidential contender, but here he is yet again, entering the political fray recently with thoughts about what the conservative movement should look like, Trump’s place in it, etc. But that fraud had his chance. Then the COVID cult came, and not only was he overwhelmed by it, he then adopted it as his plumb line for what a good Christian should bow down to. Pence didn’t protect us from the spirit of the age, but instead used his “task force” to protect the spirit of Jezebel herself – Supreme Karen Debbie Birx.

Get the shot. Wear the mask. Close the business. And of course he wasn’t alone. He isn’t leading this American army of weak men who confuse comfort with control to the point of idolatry, because, obviously, true leadership is simply impossible for his kind. They are all followers, because they relentless seek out the path of least resistance at every turn, leaving increasingly demonic darkness to enter the void left behind.

Without the weakness of the Pence doppelgangers, Woke Karen would not now be the primary enemy of the republic. She is either committing or enabling all our worst disgraces. She is a public menace. A human plague. She is the spirit of Jezebel incarnate, endorsing transgender madness upon innocent children, if those children are allowed to be born at all, because killing them is apparently a tidy answer to curing inflation, according to the likes of witches like Stacey Abrams.

All the fundamental definitions of the good, the true, and the beautiful are under relentless, existential assault by her. No matter how diabolical any particular woman, though, behind her, in theory or in practice, is the man who first threw things out of balance with his equivocations or rationalizations about who and what he is called to be.

He just wants to be left alone. He just wants to get along. He just wants to fit in. He just wants to relax. He just wants to be nicer than Jesus. And all in a world that day by day tells him that the only way that can happen is if he makes perpetual offerings into a volcano that would make the Aztecs blush.

Impossible. In fact, you are every bit as much transgendered as the misfit with pink hair and fake breasts who wants to teach your third-grader about pronouns if you think such things are the true destiny of manhood.

“Increase and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it,” we are commanded by no less than God in Genesis. Subdue. But the Pence-man has it exactly backward. He is subdued at every turn and calls it virtue. He is sterile and calls it strength.

That is the true death cult that makes all the other death cults possible. Men like Pence either laid down their arms or pointed them at their own heads and called it the Gospel.

No wonder the devil rushed in. No wonder he destroys us now while we applaud. C.S. Lewis called this problem “men without chests.” I call it cowardice. And a nation is both worthy of being destroyed and inevitably will be if these are allowed to claim the high places of our culture.
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