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Deace: Sen. Ron Johnson held a forum of people with negative vaccine reaction. Fauci, the gov't, and the press ignored it.

Amanda Andrade-Rhoades/Bloomberg via Getty Images

It is clear that Sen. Ron Johnson hadn't been fully red-pilled back in June of this year.

That's when he hosted a forum for some vaccine-injured individuals after getting a call from former Green Bay Packer offensive lineman Ken Ruettgers, whose wife had also been injured.

"They would like to be believed," Johnson said of their plight at the time, but only while stressing repeatedly that he and the injured weren't "anti-vax."

That's the label that gets you ignored or mocked by the media, as was already the case with the people he was trying to help. Even though one of the women's testimonies about the severe side effects of her vaccine included that, in her desperation, she had one of her children record her last will and testament.

The vaccine-injured often find each other online to share information and provide comfort after being rejected not only by the press but by the much of the medical community itself. And as the vaccine injuries piled up over the rest of the summer and throughout the fall, the obvious viciousness of the fraud before him compelled Sen. Johnson to go all in.

That brings us to this week, when he hosted yet another forum of not only the vaccine-injured but of experts in various medical fields, who were ready to pull back the curtain on a product that has recently been cleared for children as young as 5 years old and mandated for all businesses with 100 or more employees — despite waning efficacy and growing concerns.

This despite the United States having 220 deaths per 100,000 Americans compared to Sweden, with far fewer and less stringent mitigation efforts since COVID first struck, weighing in at 145 deaths per 100,000, according to Johnson. Some 78% of recent COVID deaths in the United Kingdom are among the fully vaccinated. VAERS reporting shows there have been 225 times the number of deaths from COVID vaccination than from flu vaccination. And on and on.

Oh yes, Johnson has taken the red pill a couple of times by now. If the so-called experts and the media had been doing their job, he said, "we wouldn't be here today."

And where exactly "here" is depends on who's on the panel you ask, but it is always terrible. Like the woman who said she feels like she is "being electrocuted 24/7" and who mourned the Facebook support groups that have been torn apart by the Orwellian censors, causing her to lose contact with people who were suicidal.

Or the Ph.D. in pharmacy who said the toxic environment in academia and academic publishing against questioning the COVID vaccine "chills me on a personal level."

Or the professional pilot who had a stabbing headache within 30 minutes of being vaccinated and discovered he had brain swelling after nearly blacking out the first time he tried to fly. Since then, he has had six spinal taps in eight months, and the financial strain is causing his family to be "on the verge of losing everything we have."

Clearly these people are just all kooks, right?

So how about an Army doctor with the rank of lieutenant colonel who believes the vaccine is "a greater threat to soldiers than the virus itself"? After grounding three out of three vaccine-injured pilots she saw in a single day, she was told she would no longer be allowed to see vaccine patients by the same bureaucracy that told her earlier that as many soldiers as possible needed to be vaccinated so "we can get enough data points to see if the vaccine is safe."

That, she said, is a clear violation of the Nuremberg Code, which is the case I make in my recent publication, "Faucian Booster."

"These are warriors, not lab rats," the lieutenant colonel said.

Next we moved on to the professional mountain biker, who can no longer even exercise at all because of vaccine-induced myocarditis and arthritis. And then to the father of the 16-old-son who died after taking the vaccine.

"I thought I was protecting him," he said through constant tears. "I thought it was the right thing to do. My government lied to me. They said it was safe."

All of these stories were told in the first hour of Johnson's forum, and there were two more hours of testimony after that. The senator invited the press to be present, along with Anthony Fauci himself, as well as leaders from the CDC, HHS, and the Department of Labor.

But none of them came. Because either they don't want to know these stories or they don't care about them. Whichever of those reasons it is comes from the same place — if you dare defy the narrative they cast to acquire control, they hate you.

We are in the midst of a fraud against the American people that should make you very, very angry if you are paying attention. People are dying because of it, while those complicit in the carnage profit and propagandize at levels that could make a Nazi blush. So the only question remaining is this: Where in the hell is your red pill?

Time to find it, swallow it hard, and get to work making some very wicked people pay for what they're doing.

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