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Horowitz: Indiana Gov. Holcomb sounds like Biden, blames unvaccinated for spike in vaccinated infections

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Conservatives were appalled when Biden erroneously and absurdly blamed the unvaccinated for failing to protect the vaccinated by not getting the protection that failed to protect the protected. Yet nearly every Republican governor not named DeSantis — even those opposing mandates — privately believes in the same disproven “pandemic of the unvaccinated” trope. Indiana’s Eric Holcomb was at least honest about his flat-earth feelings.

“We deal with the absurd and we deal with facts and there’s a lot in between there for people to form their own opinions,” Holcomb told the Associated Press on Tuesday. “What I have to do is try to be persuasive enough so that folks understand that they’re going to learn it the easy way or the hard way, unfortunately, by being vaccinated or not.”

“It is, though, largely a pandemic of the unvaccinated and at some point, and we’re there, individuals need to take responsibility for their lives,” Holcomb added. “Unfortunately, their inactions have adverse consequences to others.”

How can their inaction affect others who have the “protection”? Moreover, this comes a month after Holcomb himself received a “booster.” But if it’s all the unvaccinated who are getting clinically ill, then why would he need a booster? And if the first one didn’t work, then is it the “unboosted” who are now as evil as the “unvaccinated”? In fact, Fauci himself just indicated that anyone who doesn’t have three shots (and likely four in another month or so) will be considered “unvaccinated.”

And why would the booster of the same failed mechanism work better this time, as the virus has changed even more?

It is Holcomb who is ignorant of the facts. The reality is that 8.2 billion doses of shots have been administered globally this year, 460 million in the U.S., yet there is more COVID and all-cause mortality this year than last year, with no shots and much less built-up immunity. How is this not the "pandemic of the vaccinated" because of the leaky, viral immune escape-inducing shots?

Researchers from the University of Michigan just posted a first-of-its-kind study confirming that it is the vaccinated who are making the virus more virulent. After tracking “the evolutionary trajectories of vaccine-resistant mutations in more than 2.2 million SARS-CoV-2 genomes,” they found “the occurrence and frequency of vaccine-resistant mutations correlate strongly with the vaccination rates in Europe and America.” That is the hallmark of a failed vaccine, which creates antibody dependent disease enhancement, which likely made Delta much worse.

Also, it is simply criminal to utterly ignore the reams of data and safety signals hinting at major short-term and long-term side effects from these shots. It is utterly disgusting that nearly every Republican governor is on the wrong side of the issue of our time – and it is costing lives.

The reality is that the shots work the least for the elderly and immune-compromised. To this day, Holcomb is giving them a false sense of security by promoting a shot that is risky to them but does not confer enough protection to keep them out of the hospital. Unlike the Florida governor, he has failed to invest in the monoclonal antibodies and publicize them to those who need them the most. Ultimately, someone who has the monoclonals doesn’t need the shots, but someone who has the shots and inevitably gets COVID still needs the monoclonals. But because of Holcomb’s misinformation, too many of these people are convinced they can’t fall seriously ill with the shots and often wait until they already suffer significant pulmonary inflammation before treating the virus. At that point, it’s already passed the viral stage and is often too late for the monoclonals. And God forbid Holcomb should promote any other proven, safe treatment for inflammation and blood clots, lest he anger his Big Pharma puppet masters.

There is zero information about monoclonal antibodies on the Indiana COVID dashboard, even though it promotes the boosters, in itself a refutation of vaccine efficacy and the narrative of the “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” The monoclonals are severely rationed, often forcing people to delay until it’s too late. A Hoosier listener of my podcast with a husband who is severely immunocompromised spent over an hour on the phone with someone who could barely speak English at a 211 Crush Covid call center staffed in a foreign country just to find out if she needs a doctor’s prescription. Each facility sets its criteria for infusion, and most centers are at hospitals. In Florida, on the other hand, anyone who catches COVID can rest easy knowing they can easily walk into an outpatient clinic within 100 miles and access the lifesaving treatment.

Sickeningly, the Indiana Department of Health is even promoting the shots for young kids!

Think about it, Holcomb. You are promoting unsafe and ineffective shots for people who don’t die from COVID, but you will not promote the monoclonals for seniors who already got the shots but got severely ill from the virus. Your despicable inaction is what’s costing lives.

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