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Horowitz: National Guard ordering suspended unjabbed soldiers back to duty, under threat and with no back pay

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Last year, they were disease-ridden subhumans who didn’t deserve to serve their country, even during a recruitment crisis. Now, they are suddenly being ordered back to the military without notice after moving on with their lives. No apologies, no back pay, no negotiations. This is the state of the institution that was once the pride of America.

Last May, a 20-year-old infantryman in a state guard unit who is the son of one of my podcast listeners, among thousands of others who chose not to inject the gene therapy, had his gear confiscated and was suspended from service. He never heard from his unit commander since then and had obviously moved on with his life, making immutable career changes. It was sad and tragic that he had to abort his military career on account of a shot that even the government concedes can cause myocarditis, particularly for young males, but it was a decision he was forced to accept.

Out of nowhere, the 20-year-old discharged soldier received a memorandum from his commander titled, “Notification of Return to Duty Requirements for Soldiers Not Fully Vaccinated for COVID-19.”

As you can see, the memo begins by referencing the change in policy and first inviting the rejected soldier to come back and resume participation in regular drills and training. Well, that is a reasonable invitation. It would have been nice to offer back pay, but it’s a nice gesture to reinvite them, nonetheless. However, the letter continues to emphatically clarify that this is not a mere invitation; it’s an order. “If you fail to participate in training on or after 20 March 2023 without an approved STA or other exemption you will be considered Absent Without Leave (AWOL) and may become subject to MCMJ or other adverse administration actions.”

There you have it! From 0 to 100 with nothing in between, as if nothing happened and as if these people don’t have other lives. As the young man’s father told me, “No apology; no back pay; no flexibility; no negotiation; no wellness check; no incentives; no assurances that retribution will not be tolerated; no national conversation. Just ‘back to work, peasant — or else!!’” All as though there had been no betrayal and no change in the lives or morale of the soldiers.

So many of these people have moved on with jobs, schooling, vocations, scholarship programs, etc. How can they be expected to be forced to return to a military that did this to them after the military broke the contract?

Indeed, it is true that the January 18 memorandum referenced by this letter seemed to indicate that they can be ordered back to duty. “All currently serving nonfederalized Army National Guard and Air National Guard members who are not fully vaccinated for COVID-19, but are otherwise qualified and eligible are no longer prohibited from, and may be directed to resume participation in drills, training and/or other duty conducted under Title 32,” states the memorandum from National Guard Bureau Chief Daniel Hokanson. (Emphasis added.)

However, this is scandalous for the unelected National Guard leadership to take a statute passed by Congress and signed by the president terminating the vaccine mandate, and then order those cast away to return against their will. And to add insult to injury, there is no back pay. It’s true that Congress didn’t require back pay, but if the military wants to get the castaways back into the service, military leaders are obligated to negotiate with them and obtain their consent. Are we now going to allow the wayward military leadership to destroy the lives of these young former soldiers twice?

Another military blog posted a similar letter to a guardsman in a Virginia unit:

They can parse words about the difference between being discharged and suspended, but when you indefinitely sideline someone for not getting a shot so long that they have to move on with their lives, you are in breach of the contract. You must either let the issue go or try to entice them to come back.

This revelation comes amid widespread reports that the military leadership continues to discriminate against unvaccinated soldiers. While they are no longer being discharged, deployments, travel, and honors are affected, as well as continuing other restrictions.

An email was sent out to airmen on Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, on February 13 informing them that "only fully vaccinated personnel can attend the Silver Flag courses." A Silver Flag course is an Air Force contingency week-long class for various vocations in the field of civil engineering related to setting up and repairing air bases. Obviously, you can’t get certain promotions without taking specialty courses, which continue to remain closed to those who didn’t service Pfizer. To pull an analogy from Twitter, it’s shadow-banning rather than suspending soldiers. Now, while continuing to treat the pure-bloods like dog meat, they want to force those no longer interested or who immutably moved on with their lives back into the military.

This is emblematic of what has ailed our military for so many years. Members of both parties congratulate themselves on throwing trillions of dollars at a woke and broken military without proper oversight, thinking it’s all hunky-dory for the grunts on the ground. But our soldiers are treated like trash by the demonic military leadership. It’s time Republicans learn what it means to be “pro-soldier” and take a blowtorch to the Pentagon.
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