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Horowitz: Omicron itself might turn out to be the real vaccine

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Bizarrely, rather than focusing on the failures of the vaccine to deal with the existing, more deadly strain of coronavirus, the global governments are using the new, milder variant as a pretext for control simply because “newer” always means scarier. As such, they are pushing the vaccine more than ever, even though there is now a clear data picture showing that the virus is so mild there is no need for a vaccine, plus the vaccine actually makes it worse. So, based on their premise that Omicron is cause for panic, shouldn’t there be a downright ban on the shots based on data from multiple countries?

According to the Statens Serum Institut in Copenhagen, as of Dec. 13, 90.5% of all Omicron cases in Denmark, a country where the new variant is spreading rapidly, were vaccinated. Comparing the overall vaccination rates, this means that the double-jabbed are more than twice as likely to get Omicron than the unvaccinated. Put another way, Omicron represented 8% of the cases in the triple vaccinated, 5.5% in the double vaccinated, and 1.2% in the unvaccinated. Seeing a pattern?

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