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Horowitz: Ruling class openly saying fascism and masks will NEVER end. Will we FINALLY wake up?


Fifteen days to flatten ... something

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You can't blame people for not believing last March that "15 days to flatten the curve" would transmogrify into "restrict your breathing with a mask and lock you down until there is a vaccine." Nobody could have imagined such an absurd conspiracy theory, especially after months of those measures failing to achieve the goal.

Yet now that the vaccine is being administered swiftly and the fascists are doubling down on the masking – literally – if you still think this will end on its own, you are willfully blind. Either we make it end, or we will be masking our humanity for the rest of our lives.

Consider the following:

  • Despite the fact that we appear close to hitting the de facto herd immunity threshold with so many people already having had the virus, the government now has the perfect pretext to continue the fascism and move the goal posts. Dr. Fauci recently said that we are all at a very high risk of getting the new strains of the virus, particularly the South African variant, even if we already had the virus. Never mind the fact that cases dropped nearly 88% in South Africa over the past three weeks.
  • OK, so this is what the vaccine is for, right? Well, indeed, this is why Fauci is telling us to get the vaccine even if we had the virus. But have you ever heard of a virus whose slight mutation is somehow not covered by natural immunity but is covered by the vaccine?
  • Which brings us to the next step. Yes, they absolutely are pushing the vaccine because the cronies must get rich off it. But will they let you out of mask jail after receiving a dose? Not a chance. They are all openly saying you will need to keep the sacred rituals alive even after having gotten the vaccine and natural immunity.
  • Thus, we have lockdowns and masks, which are so effective … that they can't work and require a vaccine to do their jobs, but even with a vaccine and natural immunity, they still don't work, so this charade of mask-wearing must go on! Also, they are so effective that if you don't wear one, you are almost murdering someone. Never mind the fact that the curve rises and falls at the same time by region, regardless of non-pharmaceutical interventions.
  • Not only haven't they eased off on the mask religion, even as so many people have gotten the virus and have gotten the vaccine, they are doubling down and tripling down, which in itself is a tacit concession that one mask has failed miserably, as they themselves predicted before the issue became political. What started out as an insane conspiracy theory is now mainstream, with Fauci now floating the idea of the CDC recommending the absurdity of double and triple masking. Never mind that Biden's own adviser, Dr. Michael Osterholm, explained the obvious fact that this will further weaken the already improperly worn seal on the first mask and further push the aerosols out the sides – all the while magnifying all the physical problems caused by long-term masking.
  • Then again, is wearing two masks outside a clinical setting any more absurd than wearing one? Osterholm himself ridiculed the idea – not in March, but as late as June, after it had already become a religion. He has consistently described in great detail how the cloth and surgical masks are nowhere near effective in blocking an aerosol of microscopic viral particles. So why are we supposed to believe him now that he became Biden's adviser when he says they do work? And why should we believe Fauci, who says that two masks work when one didn't work, if Osterholm is saying that two don't work just like he used to say one doesn't work, before he became a politician? Are you confused yet?

Here is a transcript of what Osterholm said on June 12 in a video interview with the Midway Chamber of Commerce (beginning at the 39:23 mark):

So all the data we would have say at this point that just masking of itself with a cloth mask, or a surgical mask, surely may reduce the number of particles you put out, big particles, or the big particles you get in, but it's the little particles that are coming along the sides that are the real problem. And so I'm telling you, I would throw the kitchen sink at this thing if I thought that it would make a difference. Masks are not a major issue, and by the way, in 1918, there were actually some very exhaustive studies done on masks after that, and John Barry, the historian who we work with closely, will tell you not one of them found that they made any difference.

Number two is, just think about this, common sense, this is a group of commonsense people here. The area of the world where geographically we had the most, the highest frequency of mask-wearing as just a social/cultural event was in China, Hubei Province, China, in November and December of last year. Did that mask-wearing have any impact on that emergence of that horrible, horrible city-on-fire situation? I mean, that was one where we had virtually everyone wearing a mask publicly. It didn't make a difference, and so I only say this because if you want to wear masks, go ahead, feel free. I worry, though, that people who are at risk of having severe disease will take that mask and have now assumed a level of protection that they don't really have and then put themselves in harm's way, in a way that they wouldn't have otherwise. And so there's a downside to that. Finally, I just find the social/political pressure, you know, today, if you don't wear a mask, oh my God what a bad person you are, so you know, and unfortunately we've now come to make judgments, not on science, but on basically emotions, and I worry about that, because this one's not kind of a big one. But what if we start saying, okay, all heavy people, we're going to do this to you because you're at risk of getting this disease more, or all people who are of this age, we're going to do this to you because you're at higher risk? And they can say well, you know, I'm using the same basis for making those recommendations that I made for the masks; maybe it will help. And at some point you just, I'm just a scientist, a poor lowly scientist, I'm just sitting here telling you, you know, the data, you make a decision, how you decide, and I'm telling you right now that I, the masking is not an issue.

Look at those profound concerns he expressed! Every one of them has been proven right today, as the virus spread out of control months after the mandates were in place with a more religious degree of adherence and public shaming than anyone ever thought possible. Why are we to trust him now, when the science behind what he said has actually been proven by every epidemiological curve? How can he go from ridiculing mask-wearing to making it so sacred that we should violate every law of human rights and dignity, including for children, the elderly, and disabled, in order to enforce it?

  • The more information that comes out showing children are in less danger of getting sick from or spreading COVID than the flu, the more they double down on masking children, even during recess and sports. A survey of over 2,000 high school athletes in Minnesota who had to play with masks showed that 80% had a hard time breathing, 52% experienced excessive fatigue, and 48 players report going to an urgent care. Thus, no amount of science or evidence is able to stop this sadistic obsession with masks.
  • Some of you might be wondering what happened to OSHA? Don't they have standards on PPE wearing in the workplace and safety guidelines dictating the parameters, types, and exemptions of those wearing masks? Well, they have changed their standards. It has long been the policy of OSHA that respirators, such as an N-95s, are the minimum standard for personal protective equipment, as Dr. Osterholm said in June. Now OSHA is requiring employers to force upon their workers unsafe practices that just a year ago would have gotten those employers prosecuted, with OSHA leading the charge.

Where does this leave us? The more the science shows the endless hypocrisy and absurdity of mask-wearing to stop a virus, the more the ruling elites violate the science and their own prior standards and warnings with even greater absurdities. Miraculously, a new pretext always materializes just at the moment they have milked dry the original excuse for mask-wearing. Those goal posts will never remain in place.

The time to stand up and say NO is now. The time to fight back in state legislatures and with ADA lawsuits is now. The time to pull out of public and private schools that engage in this abuse is now. The time to support those businesses that stand up to this evil and boycott Karen businesses is now. As they say, "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me."

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