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Horowitz: The Chicago funeral shooting shows yet again that black lives don't matter to politicians


Not the right narrative.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Where are all the frantic press releases from every corporation in America amid the worst mass shooting of black people in Chicago's recent memory? Where are the protests? The demands for more prison time? More cops? Or, if you only get your news from superficial corporate media sources, perhaps you don't know what I'm talking about.

While most people bring flowers and tissues to funerals, that is not the Chicago way. There, they bring guns. According to CBS Chicago, mourners were attending the funeral of Donnie Weathersby, himself a black life cut down at age 31 by gang violence, when a car full of gunmen drove by and sprayed 60 bullets into Rhodes Funeral Services funeral home, wounding as many as 15, some of whom are in serious condition. One of the victims was reportedly a bystander who was not a target of the assailants.

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