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A Texas jury just told a father he cannot prevent his son from being mutilated. It is past time for Christians to act.


Will you risk suffering the scorn of this fallen world for what you believe?

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Two men, tired of the confusion, embarrassment and disrespect the most senior levels of their church were showing to hundreds upon hundreds of years of the faith of their fathers, recently decided to act.

These Catholics willingly broke the temporal law by stealing property from within a church that was playing host to graven idols on parade at the Vatican. They even filmed themselves doing it, because like Paul in Romans, they are not ashamed of the Gospel. And after leaving the church with the Amazonian idols, they walked straight to the Tiber River in Rome and threw them in.

That was all possible because they obeyed without ambiguity the higher law from which all just laws come. They obeyed the Lord with all their heart, mind, soul, and strength and let the chips fall where they may. Because ours is to be faithful, and outcomes are for God.

Caesar is not lord, the Lord alone is. That's a story we desperately need ears to hear if we are going to survive the ongoing onslaught of progressivism's wrath and fury.

When a jury in Texas tells a father that he has no rights to defend his son at the very moment his estranged wife says she plans on chemically turning him into a Frankenstein girl, it's time for a people of truth to break the law in defense of the innocent.

When a man in a dress wins world cycling titles in a women's competition and calls those who disagree with his insanity "losers," it's time for sanity to fight back with extreme prejudice.

There are moments in life when it is simply time to act. I know that is frustrating to a lot of you based on the emails I receive after writing something like this. You think you can do only so much. But is that a person of faith talking, or a person of fear?

What is actually preventing you from stealing the idols in your midst and throwing them into the bottom of the river? In the cases above, would you be willing to drop out of such a race or physically block such a race from occurring? Would you be willing to provide assistance of any kind to a father or local sheriff who, over his dead body, simply refused to allow a child to be butchered in the name of dystopia?

The church itself was founded in the certainty of saying "yes" to such questions, and America has been similarly sustained by remaining faithful in times when calls for civil disobedience were the most obvious. Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's, and render unto God what is God's. That isn't an option for a nation worth having that wants to survive and thrive. And it isn't an option for a soul that doesn't ultimately want to end up at the bottom of a dark, cold river, either.

Will you risk suffering the scorn of this fallen world for what you believe? If not, you really don't believe it. If you're not sure how you'd respond to such a testing, I conclude by bringing you glad tidings of great joy.

See, if they're subjecting innocent children to drag queen story time hour in salt of the earth Wichita, and a jury in Texas of all places votes to mutilate a child through castration, then nowhere is safe from the mob outside Lot's house. So be patient just a little while longer, for the testing will arrive at your door soon enough.

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