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MacIntyre: How the left codes the culture war as low-class

Cunaplus M.Faba/Getty Images

Looking out on the cultural wasteland that surrounds us, it can be difficult for many to understand how we arrived at our current moment. Gender ideology is pushed on kindergarteners, sex changes are pushed on teenagers, riots receive the sanction of the government, borders are wide open to human traffickers, and homeless encampments filled with drug users have become a regular feature of major American cities.

While centrists and moderate liberals often express their amazement at what they see as the sudden and radical decline in the quality of American life, they should realize that they were warned about the inevitable consequences they are currently witnessing. For decades cultural conservatives sounded the alarm about the disastrous direction the nation would take if it abandoned its moral and cultural traditions, but those warnings fell on deaf ears. Cultural tastemakers assured the population that they were too sophisticated to be bound by the small-minded and primitive mores of their social inferiors, and now the cost is coming due.

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