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Horowitz: Thanks to criminal justice ‘reform,’ gun crime has essentially been legalized for juveniles

jirkaejc/Getty Images

More juveniles than ever are committing gun violence (and other forms of violence), and at an increasingly young age. Yet they are 100% restricted from purchasing or owning any firearm. In other words, there is unconditional gun control on all juveniles, even in red states. So why are we witnessing more juvenile murderers and victims than ever before? Because our criminal justice system refuses to deter and punish even repeat juvenile gun felons who commit violent crimes with guns. Hence, the classic proof that criminal control, not gun control, is the only way to stop violent crime.

Last week, I wrote a column quantifying the extent of the jailbreak problem with cities releasing repeat violent gun felons onto the streets and then complaining about gun violence. But this problem is exponentially more acute – and increasingly so – when it comes to juvenile gun felons because they are almost never punished one iota. As such, they are engaging in gun crimes more often and at an increasingly young age.

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