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WH spokesman Hogan Gidley claps back at one of the MSM's dumbest questions yet

Eric Bolling

'They'll cover palace intrigue over policy any chance they get'

Just a few minutes before Eric Bolling's one-on-one interview with White House deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley on Tuesday, a CNBC reporter asked the president's spokesman: "Is [President Donald Trump] going to accept Russian help in the 2020 election?"

On Tuesday's episode of "America with Eric Bolling," Eric said he was "blown away" by the stupidity of the question. He noted how the media, given the opportunity to ask someone close to the president of the United States "substantial questions" about what's going on in the Oval Office, will waste the chance by asking meaningless questions.

Hogan agreed, adding the media would "cover palace intrigue over policy any chance they get."

"It's very rare they ask substantive questions. But, what do you expect?" he continued. "It's a media that has 93 percent negative coverage against this president. They wrote thousands and thousands and thousands of stories about [special counsel Robert] Mueller, which now know was an investigation that the Democrats pushed. It was a complete and total lie for more than two years with no proof, no evidence. So, it stands to reason they're going to write a question about Russian meddling, which happened under Barack Obama's watch. He knew about it in 2014 and did nothing because he thought Hillary Clinton was going to win."

Catch more of the conversation in the video below:

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