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Graham Allen: The guns didn't change — we did!

Graham Allen
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On Monday's episode of "Dear America," Graham Allen remembered those who lost their lives in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, and he explained why guns are not the problem.

In this clip, Allen described his experience in high school when students came straight to school from hunting in the woods and kept their hunting rifles in their vehicles.

"When I was in school ... every other vehicle had a gun inside, and no one felt unsafe. So what changed?" Allen said. "The guns didn't change — we did.

"We have a societal problem. We have a cultural problem. We have a removing God out of everything problem. We have a breakdown of the nuclear family problem and a lack of true masculinity problem. We have a problem with the political divide where you can't disagree without being the enemy anymore. We have a lack of respect for human life problem," Allen asserted.

He went on to explain that many mass murderers throughout history have had troubled pasts and likely displayed many warning signs of trouble ahead. He added that not all mass murderers have had right-leaning political beliefs and that mainstream media was wrong to paint mass killings as white nationalist terrorism.

Watch the video below for more.

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