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5 rational ways to stop school shootings that gun-control advocates refuse to discuss

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PODCAST: “Rabbi Daniel Lapin” -- Serious People Know How To Stop School Shootings But Not The Way You Think - 2/24/18

Whenever the United States has passed legislation such as Dodd Franks in the fit of emotional frenzy, the results have been horrible.  Laws should be passed through a calm process of rational and thoughtfully dispassionate analysis.   After every mass shooting, the cries for draconian gun control drown out the truth.  In this week’s podcast entitled “Serious People Know How To Stop School Shootings But Not The Way You Think,” Rabbi Daniel Lapin presents five approaches to the problem that few are discussing and fewer are willing to face.

Rabbi Lapin also addresses the questions: What percentage of the hundreds of people you encounter every day are really crazy?  How many so-called “homeless” are mentally imbalanced?  Do you know why they are not being cared for in medical facilities where they would be safe—and so would we?  Do you know any families being torn apart by having to struggle with a deeply troubled teenager all alone?  Is the SCOTUS ruling of Roe v. Wade in 1973 connected in any way to the Parkland, Florida school shooting?  Why did Hitler use precious resources killing 3 million Jews in Poland in 1942 while his eastern front was crumbling at Leningrad?  Could you protect your family from a violent home invader?

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