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According to Nikki Haley the strike on Syria was due to Assad's 'arrogance

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On “The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson,” Doc Thompson discussed US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley with her explanation of the US missile strike on Syria.

Haley said the U.S. strike that involved 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles fired against a Syrian air base was about “international security” and “arrogance.” Thompson dissected her comments, asking if the Trump administration’s policy should be to launch missiles against every world leader who commits atrocities.

“Nikki Haley, what’s your goal? What’s your reason for going in there?” Thompson asked.

While Haley has called for a “political solution” to Syria, Thompson pointed out that military force is not a political solution at all.

He also wondered if wall-to-wall media coverage of the chemical weapons attack that killed around 100 people, including children, was a primary factor in the decision to use military force:

“Is that the Trump policy? Is that the Trump doctrine? OK, if it’s about international security, why the hell haven’t we launched on North Korea already? And Iran? And all kinds of people? What about various war lords and dictators in Africa? We’re not going into those places. Is this just because it got better press?”

Thompson wanted to know why we aren’t investing first and foremost in keeping Americans safe—especially in a time when political protests often turn dangerous:

“If we are going to police the world, shouldn’t we at least start with making sure America is strong and stable."

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