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Americans return from Cuban embassy after suffering bizarre attack

Chip Somodevilla / Staff / Getty Images

Two Cuban diplomats have just been expelled from the Washington D.C., embassy in retaliation for a bizarre clandestine attack on the American embassy in Havana, Cuba.

The Americans from the embassy came back to the United States after experiencing serious, concussion-like health problems -- one with possible permanent hearing loss.

They are believed to be the victims of a silent acoustic attack delivered by a sonic weapon. The FBI and State Department are investigating.

Explaining the expulsion of the Cuban diplomats to CNN, a U.S. official said, “We felt like we needed to respond to the Cubans and remind them of their responsibility under the Vienna convention.”

Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) said, "Personal harm to U.S. officials shows the extent the Castro regime will go and clearly violates international norms."

Mike Opelka remarked on today’s “Pure Opelka" on this "Cuban whistle crisis" in praise of the few news outlets who noticed this issue, "I think this is a big freaking deal."

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