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Angel Shot' helps women report bad dates without fuss

Doc Thompson

Doc Thompson and "The Morning Blaze" crew do a public service announcement on dating as we head into the new year and people start dating to find a soulmate. Official bar correspondent Kris Cruz introduces Doc to the new code word, "Angel Shot," to help women reduce sexual violence and abuse.

Kris points out how women may at times feel unsafe while on going dates and they were looking for a way to report a bad date without dealing with a fuss at the bar. As they continue to converse, Doc begins to point out holes and possible issues that could be raised on this new code word initiative.

"If the idea is, I say to the bartender and the guys like, 'I'll have a wine spritzer.' I don't think anyone drinks those anymore but I love a white wine spritzer and you're like, 'Oh my gosh. He's a stalker. I got to warn somebody. I'll have an Angel shot.' You're assuming that the white wine spritzer that picked you up and met you there doesn't know what an angel shot is," Doc explains.

"This was posted on the internet and not everyone has access to the internet," Kris jokes.

This new initiate is to stop sexual violence and assaults without causing a scene. You can find a flyer at your local bars, only on the doors of the female restrooms.

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