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Are digital tattoos a boon to business and health or a hackable nightmare?

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Readers of cyberpunk science fiction will already be familiar with the idea of electronic implants in the body to enhance daily life and information exchange. That science fiction staple is now becoming a reality.

Electronic tattoos may store passwords for your devices while also connecting you to them. Tattoos are no longer just an art form for bikers, sailors, and rock stars. Now that nearly everybody in the first world has become comfortable with them, digital versions might be an easier sell.

Mike Opelka immediately saw potential privacy issues with this new technology and discussed it on “Pure Opelka” today. Big Think reported on digital tattoos, or epidermal electronics, currently in development by Motorola.

Tiny waterproof censors or circuits under the skin could interact with your smart phone, or take different readings from your body, like blood sugar or temperature. This could be convenient for the average user, and life saving for those with chronic health issues that need constant monitoring.

However, Mike felt that once in your skin, someone else could read what the body is transmitting. In an era where we talk about hacking every single day, the whole concept made him nervous.

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