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Atlantic writer: Eclipse is racist and reveals 'the implicit bias of the solar system

Doc Thompson
ISMOYO/AFP/Getty Images

An Atlantic writer has shared a remarkable insight on the solar eclipse expected Monday afternoon: It’s racist.

Alice Ristroph explained that most of the U.S. population that lives along the main path of the solar eclipse is white. Is she trying to milkshake duck … the universe? Doc Thompson and the guys attempted to follow her logic on Monday’s “The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson.”

“She insists that the solar system has an implicit bias against blacks,” Doc explained.

In her piece, Ristroph pointed out that “Oregon, where [the eclipse] begins, is almost entirely white.” The “Great American Eclipse” will then travel across two states that are “even whiter than Oregon”: Idaho and Wyoming.

“It’s Trump’s fault,” Brad Staggs theorized sarcastically.

The solar eclipse will take a break from its racism to make its way across Nashville, Tennessee, which has a population that is 30 percent black. But after Tennessee, “the shadow regains some speed and travels over white people only again for a while,” Ristroph wrote.

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