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Author: Masculinity exists – and today’s men need to reclaim it

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Do men today need to be “re-masculated”? Author Lex Jurgen says yes. He joined Tuesday’s “The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson” to talk about his book, “Man Rules: The Beginner's Guide to Manhood,” and explain why today’s men need to reclaim their independence.

The problem starts when parents coddle their kids and try to control everything. But parents need to understand that kids can’t learn if you take away all consequences, Jurgen asserted.

“The best lessons you learn are when you make huge mistakes,” he said.

Doc Thompson remembered his experience talking to teenagers about political correctness in a seminar and finding – to his surprise – that they were completely on board with the fight against an overly sensitive culture.

“One thing you can’t deny is nature, and there is a male gender, believe it or not,” Jurgen said.

While some aspects of manhood needed to be modernized, today’s progressives threw the baby out with the bathwater and decided to completely emasculate men, Jurgen explained. Instead, society should return to the standards for men about 20 years ago.

His book has “99 rules for re-masculating the millennial male,” but Jurgen summed them up with one important reminder: “Be like your grandfather.”

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