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British police admit they overstepped when threatening to jail people for social media posts

Lawrence Jones
diego_cervo / Getty Images

A British police department tweeted that they might arrest people for the comments they make on social media. Prime Minister Theresa May herself said social media would be better monitored after the recent string of terror attacks in England, but British police threatened to actually jail people for making offensive posts.

After receiving objections to the regulation of speech, the Cheshire constabulary issued a clarification that jail time and fines were only appropriate for inciting violence or racial hatred. They said there had been a "misunderstanding of [their] intention" and that they "would never tell people what they can or can't say" or think.

On this weekend's "Lawrence Jones Show," Lawrence Jones noted that ISIS uses social media in their campaigns, but the United Kingdom should not shut down accounts. He felt if someone is plotting an attack and there is evidence of it online, then "we should lock [them] up."

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