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Buck Sexton: Trump accusations are 'dis-information because it so clearly shifts the narrative

Buck Sexton

Recent allegations have come out that Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) has video evidence of President-elect Donald Trump with an unknown number of Russian prostitutes engaging in extremely inappropriate conduct.

This alleged video is said to show the President-elect being urinated on by the Russian prostitutes in exchange for money.

"This is so outlandish and defamatory and just bizarre," Buck Sexton says. "This is why this report, which people are saying it is tied to some former British Intel Official...wasn't published and wasn't used by the Hillary oppo team, and you know they'll fight as dirty as they possibly can. They'll go dirty. I mean Hillary loves to go dirty, but she also knows that...a blatant and obvious forgery would hurt the cause and would help Trump."

Buck's hypothesis is that the report represents "dis-information on Trump that in and of itself is dis-information because it so clearly shifts the narrative."

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