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Chuck Schumer produces 'fake tears' for Trump's security, but proposed the same idea in 2015

Chris Salcedo
US Senator Charles Schumer, D-NY, speaks during a press conference to push for an overturn of President Trump's executive order temporarily banning immigration to the United States for refugees and some Muslim travelers, at a press conference January 29, 2017 in New York. / AFP / Bryan R. Smith (Photo credit should read BRYAN R. SMITH/AFP/Getty Images)

Chuck Schumer, leader of the Democrat and Senate, was crying over Donald Trump's recent Executive Orders for security enhancements over terrorist countries. Chris Salcedo points out that Chuck proposed a similar concept to temporarily halt resettlement of Syrian Refugees back in 2015. President Trump reacted to Chuck Schumer's "fake tears," and responds with, "I'm gonna ask him who is his acting coach because I know him very well. I don't see him as a crier — if he is, he's a different man."

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