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Church bombings in Egypt result in a three month 'state of emergency

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On "Reform This!" this weekend, Dr. Zudhi Jasser linked the ongoing conflict in Syria to the current situation in Egypt and explained how the Arab Spring movement could have had a much more desirable effect on Egyptian society than simply replacing Hosni Mubarak with a government cut from the same mold: a "Mubarak 2.0."

Jasser, a Sunni Muslim, said that the war against the Sunni Muslims in Syria was a genocide, that the Sunni are victims in a "moral war against the Baathists and against ISIS and against radicalization in Syria," which is a war for liberty.

Now "the Egyptian Christian community is on the front line," as evidenced by the Palm Sunday bombings and rhetoric from ISIS. Jasser said that while the current president of Egypt, Abdel Fatah Sisi is a clear improvement over what they endured under the Muslim Brotherhood, with the latest crackdowns following the church bombings, it remains to be seen just how much liberty Sisi will allow the people of Egypt.

Jasser asserted that "third pathways" must be explored to escape the "cycle of tyranny." The nations of the Middle East cannot keep viewing "dictatorship and Islamists" as the only choices available to them for a stable government.

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