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CNN allowed a black Republican to be told to 'shut up,' but it was a different story the day before

Chris Salcedo
Video Image/ Youtube PoliticsCenter

Yesterday, political commentator Symone Sanders shouted down former Virginia attorney general Ken Cuccinelli after he tried to stop her from interrupting him by telling her to shut up. CNN host Chris Cuomo in turn asked Cuccinelli to please not speak to Sanders that way.

Black Republican Paris Dennard received no such defense from Brooke Baldwin, also of CNN, when commentator Keith Boykin told him, “Paris, shut up, please, for God’s sake.”

Dennard was in the process of responding to Boykin, who had told him he was “ashamed that you as an African-American, Paris, will not say that” President Donald Trump did not go far enough in denouncing white supremacists, insisting that the president “has a history of racism.”

Dennard disclosed during the exchange that “We had members of our family missing because of the KKK.” He told Boykin, “I will not be attacked by you about my blackness because I happen to be a Republican.”

Chris Salcedo noted on today’s “Chris Salcedo Show” that he has also been told he is not Latino enough because he is a conservative. “They are the arbiters, these progressives,” he said. “It’s sick, it’s insulting -- as if you don’t have the brain power to think for yourself. They’ll think for you.”

He reminded persons like Boykin that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. advised us to judge people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin.

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