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Countries that understand 'lower taxes and get the free market have a real opportunity' to grow


Adolfo Linares, co-organizer with Goethals Consulting Corp and representing the Association of International Lawyers of Panama, joins Doc Thompson to inform him of a conference in Panama about widening the pathways to open societies. Adolfo calls from Panama and tells Doc how the Panama government works when it comes to banks, taxes, and business.

"It's interesting because Central and South America is going to be a major player in the future, and a lot of people don't recognize it. ... Over the past decade or so South America has really put some things together...and I think Central America is going to grow like crazy," Doc says.

Adolfo believes that part of the challenge facing Panama is that it is such a small country, and thus it has no major industries or large parcels of real estate, forcing its economy to rely on service jobs. He explains that Panama has a unique economy in that they are the only country in the world to have no central bank.

The roster of speakers Adolfo has lined up for the conference look at the world in a different way. "They're promoting lower taxes and a more efficient government," Adolfo reports.

"The countries that get that right now about lower taxes and get the free market have a real opportunity in the next 10, 20 years or so to really grow. I mean I think there's a huge opportunity for them before the world completely becomes...insolvent," Doc states

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