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‘Disagreement on the science’: Military delays transgender troops

Doc Thompson

The Pentagon is giving the military six more months to figure out how to change policies to accommodate transgender troops. The shift had been planned for July 1, but on June 30, Defense Secretary James Mattis ordered a policy review “to evaluate more carefully the impact of such accessions on readiness and lethality,” the Military Times reported.

A top general tried to explain the six-month delay with a word salad, but did he give any real information? Doc Thompson and the guys discussed the latest update on Wednesday’s “The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson.”

Air Force Gen. Paul Selva addressed the transgender policy delay during a hearing on Tuesday, saying that a “disagreement” on how mental health care and hormone therapy would be used to help transgender people was a big part of the delay.

"I am an advocate of every qualified person who can meet the physical standards to serve in our uniformed services to be able to do so,” Selva said. “Our decision to delay the accessions … was largely based on a disagreement on the science of how mental health care and hormone therapy for transgender individuals would help solve the medical issues that are associated with gender dysphoria.”

A recent report revealed that the U.S. Army has been training officers to accept transgender soldiers into barracks, bathrooms and showers regardless of their genitalia. Under the new policy, female soldiers would be required to use facilities with transgender soldiers who have male genitalia and vice versa.

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