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Disgraced Alabama governor shows what not to do when having an affair

Pat and Stu
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On “Pat & Stu” today the guys talked about disgraced Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley and the many areas in which he went wrong. Bentley resigned on April 10 in order to avoid impeachment following revelations of an inappropriate relationship with one of his staffers.

The affair, which started in 2013, became news after Bentley was accused of misusing state funds during the illicit relationship with his chief aide.

“The guy is 74 years old,” Pat Gray marveled. “You would think you’re settled a little bit at 74 years old. He had been married to his wife for 50 years. … You can never let your guard down. It just goes to show you.”

Jeffy Fisher outlined the story of the affair and its demise, with details including a beach house, text messages with the wrong woman’s name and rose emojis. Ultimately, his now ex-wife, Dianne, recorded Bentley and his mistress talking about their relationship.

One mistake among many that the governor made was to start acting differently with his wife, not holding her hand when they were in public.

“You never do that if you’re having an affair … for sure, you keep [the level of affection] the same,” Jeffy said.

Stu countered, “I want to make sure I understand. … He should have done the affair better, is essentially your point here. What else, Ashley Madison?”

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