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Do you do this when you go shopping? Here's what it says about you

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Are you someone who looks out for other people in any way you can, or do you tend to take care of yourself first? Whether or not you return your shopping cart to a designated area after your trip to the store says a lot about you, Jeffy Fisher said on this week’s episode of “The Jeff Fisher Show.”

Blogger Craig Darcy posed this question in a post titled “What Returning Your Shopping Cart Says About You.” On his show, Jeffy divided people into three categories: cart returners, cart deserters and “cart half-assers,” which means people who just push the cart as hard as they can toward the receptacle.

“Know who you are,” he said. “What kind of person are you?”

Jeffy admitted that he mostly tries to return his cart so he has the right to be annoyed at people who don’t do their part.

“I feel bad about being angry at those people if I don’t follow through on my end,” he said.

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