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Doc Thompson suspects his executive producer is violating the Patriot Act

Doc Thompson

During the commercial break TheBlaze Radio host Doc Thompson and Producer, Kris Cruz, looked at Executive Producer Khal Elsebai's computer and noticed something odd. Based on what he saw, Doc suggested Elsebai was in "violation of the Patriot Act," which prompted a deep sigh from Khal.

Probing further Doc described, "I see you looking something up, and there's a bunch of numbers online - it looked all sketchy."

"It's not a consumer website," Khal explained. "I'm not allowed to talk about this, to be honest with you," which spurred Doc to continue down the rabbit hole to see what he'd find.

Elsebai tried to get out from under the microscope by explaining that he has access that "normal consumers don't," resulting in further skepticism from Thompson.

"It's kind of questionable. ... Anytime anybody's looking at something like that you're like 'Whoa, this is all very different and it's a special access website,'" Doc joked. "I'm just asking, it looks a little questionable. If you see something, say something,"

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