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Doc Thompson under magnifying glass from Kai for his 'obsession' with K-Pop


Doc Thompson is scrutinized by producer Kai Elsebai for his "obsession" with K-Pop South Korean girl group Sistar and their hit song "Shake It." Kai has a problem with the band as he doesn't believe that they're old enough to be so provocative in the way they act in their music videos, and he declares that he would never let his daughter dress like the way they do.

Doc counters that while the video for the song is provocative, the women are all of age and it's not as bad as a Miley Cyrus video.

"First of all this is bad, second of all this is Korean pop – it's not even American pop," Kai says.

Doc admits he does enjoy some K-Pop songs, but Kai suspects his fandom goes further. He says Doc is a "full-blown addict and fan of K-Pop," because if he can listen to things like this he can listen to a whole plethora of "this kind of crap."

"My musical tastes go from old twangy country and classical to Motown, classic rock. I like a lot of stuff — I like some Korean pop," Doc discloses.

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