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Dr. David Cook pulls back the curtain on improper use of science in politics

Doc Thompson
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Dr. David Cook joins Doc Thompson on "The Morning Blaze" to talk about his new book "Biomythology: The Skeptic’s Guide to Charles Darwin and the Science of Persuasion." David reports that the media is inundated with new so-called scientific facts all the time. Studies are created and data manipulated to persuade us, market to us, and sell to us, and David believes it’s time to be skeptical.

As David explains, big science is growing stronger every day. As a result, intellectual history is overflowing with scientific facts gone bad; once upon a time, there were nine planets. Scientific truth rests on the faith that future discoveries will not turn today’s facts into tomorrow’s fairy tales.

Taking a strong, inquisitive and sometimes irreverent look into the evidence used to establish popular scientific theories, David explores the misuse of science to convince us to believe certain ideas. "Biomythology" will teach readers how to be skeptical of scientific persuasion and how to recognize when facts are being twisted to appear as evidence.

“When science becomes the art of arranging observation to fit theory, when the physical sciences are cited to alter worldviews rather than the world we view, then nothing falls beyond reasonable doubt,” David says.

He goes on: "Science is about solving problems, and so as soon as you get into political statements, the politics sweeps the problems under the rug. ... Politics as you know is about power, not truth. And when science is used for politics it ceases to become science."

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