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Easter's coming -- where do you stand on the Easter Bunny?

Mike Opelka
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With Easter fast approaching, there's plenty of talk of church and brunches and eggs and bunnies. Faithwire senior editor Billy Hallowell joined Mike Opelka on TheBlaze Radio's "Pure Opelka" to discuss the Easter Bunny. He claimed that a town in New York is changing the name "Easter Bunny" to "Spring Bunny" and went on to talk about the concept of the Easter Bunny and its origins.

"When it comes to the Easter Bunny, the Easter Bunny is eternally creepy. I think everything about the Easter Bunny is sort of terrifying," Billy said somewhat jokingly.

Hallowell pointed out that he found it astonishing that while an overwhelming percentage of Americans claim to be Christian there still appears to be a politically correct impulse to change the names of holiday icons to names nonspecific to the holiday. He also added that, with his own children, he hasn't yet introduced the concept of the Easter Bunny to them:

"The concept [of the Easter Bunny] I think is just so weird and I have this other moral debate. It's sort of well we're lying to our kids about this other thing at Christmas, should we be lying to our kids about this too?"

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