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Forbes contributor: Expanding energy exports will produce economic growth, good paying jobs for US

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The United States added 222,000 jobs per the June labor report, but earnings are not picking up. The tax reform pending on Capitol Hill might spur businesses to feel even more secure once Congress finally gets around to it.

Forbes contributor and Chief Information Officer for investment firm, Tematica, Chris Versace discussed this and several other economic issues facing the United States with Chris Salcedo on “The Chris Salcedo Show” today.

President Donald Trump’s offer of energy resources to former Soviet block nations in his speech to the Polish people yesterday is expected to further stimulate the economy. As American energy companies tap into the supplies they discover, gas prices fall for everybody.

It would also create jobs “in the oil patch” that pay very good salaries. The growth needs to be facilitated with a good mindset in Washington D.C., that allows business to do what it does, which Versace noted the country is closer to now than it has been in the past eight years.

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