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Former Israeli PM Ehud Olmert to be let out of prison 11 months early

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- Another mortar has hit the Golan Heights and it took place at the same time that the Israeli Prime Minister was giving a speech in the region's capital of Katzrin just 10 miles away.

- Mossad has set up an investment fund to facilitate the development of new techniques and technologies in the shadowy world of espionage. They're offering grants of up to around $600,000 for new high tech projects.

- The High Court of Justice is set to hear a petition on the now frozen pluralistic prayer site at the Western Wall, and the heads of two major Jewish organizations are calling for a 'resolution' to the Israeli cabinet's controversial decision.

- The speaker of the Knesset Yuli Edelstein is in Moscow and is addressing the upper house of the Russian parliament.

- Israel has presented satellite imagery of an Iranian missile test from last year with the Islamic Republic using a Star of David as its target.

- The Israeli parole board has ruled to release former Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert from prison 11 months early.

- Rabbi Liat Yardeni, Dean of the Rabbinical School at The Academy for Jewish Religion, Gavriel Porten, Educator/ Tour Guide, and Rabbi Yocheved Mintz of Congregation P’nai Tikvah, Las Vegas spoke at the ILTV studio about combating the negative stereotypes that Israel faces within the communities of diaspora Jewry.

- A new discovery in southern Israel has just revealed the earliest evidence of a plant based dye in Israel, giving an understanding of early textiles from biblical times.

- Sculptor Rami Ater spoke at ILTV studio about how he creates sculptures out of iron. His unique sculptures have been showcased in the Jerusalem theater, the Tel Aviv Opera House and in various municipal building across Israel. He’s also had exhibits in France, Germany and even the USA.

- Here's a rundown on the top 5 coolest Israeli military inventions to date: Human backpacks, wraparound-guns, mini rockets, and more.

The Hebrew word of the day is BAHD, written בד, which means "fabric/textile."

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