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Ginned up protests can lead to mob mentality

Mike Opelka
MARK RALSTON / Getty Images

Representative Maxine Waters (D-Calif) started a chant calling for the impeachment of President Donald Trump at a Tax Day protest in Washington D.C. this weekend. Waters began by saying "I don't trust this president. His motives and his actions are contemptible. I will fight every day until he is impeached." She then shouted "My millennials, stay woke!" and stirred the crowd into chanting "Impeach 45!"

Today on "Pure Opelka," Mike Opelka stated, "I will never cave to...mob justice. Ever." He felt that this trend of demanding the private tax filings of people we dislike sets a dangerous precedent and makes the rest of us vulnerable to mob mentality. Yes, these Tax Day Protests are not to protest taxes or even the current tax

system, but to demand President Trump release more of his tax history.

The tax return disclosure trend started with Nixon, who volunteered his tax returns after Spiro Agnew got caught for tax evasion. Mike predicted if the Congress is won by the Democrats in next year's election, "they're gonna subpoena the hell out of" President Trump's tax filings.

Opelka invited those who believe Donald Trump did not pay taxes other than the previously disclosed 2005 return to imagine how it is possible the Internal Revenue Service would have allowed him to have gone this far in life without going to jail.

Mike suggested of those wishing to see Trump's tax returns "You can see 'em when we can see what courses Obama took at Columbia, and his grades," adding "If you're not wondering what he's hiding, then you're not being honest."

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