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Glenn Beck: 'Kellogg's, you are dividing the country over freaking Froot Loops

Glenn Beck

Glenn and the guys weigh in on the controversy surrounding Kellogg's and Breitbart News. Glenn explains why he stands with Breitbart and what all the recent division in America will lead to if we don't change course. He brings up how the issue of Kellogg's and Breitbart's incident is being played out in the mainstream media.

"We are more in line than we are separate. With all that said, and how much I disagree with Breitbart, the answer is always more voices, not fewer voices," Glenn says.  "I stand with Breitbart, not because I agree with them on everything, but because specifically I don't. I stand with the New York Times, not because I agree with them, but because I don't agree with them. Kellogg’s, you are dividing the country over freaking Froot Loops.”

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