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Greed: Janet Napolitano wants to charge even more for tuition in CA — where is the money going?

This photo was taken from the top of Sather Tower on UC Berkeley campus. (nothjc/gettyimages)

The University of California system is being rocked by scandal after a recent audit revealed $175 million in "undisclosed," multipurpose funds. On Saturday's "Mike Slater Show," Mike Slater disclosed other budgetary nonsense of scandalous proportions.

UC system President Janet Napolitano's office has 1,667 employees with a budget of $655 million. Compare that with the Cal State system, which has 700 employees for twice as many campuses and students, and only a third of the budget.

The Florida State system has 12 campuses and about 200,000 more students...and only 64 employees in their president's office. They manage to get by with a mere $8 million, yet the UC system has just raised tuition 2.5% again. In light of these revelations, students are understandably unhappy.

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