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Here are the lessons we can learn from Stephen Colbert's vitriolic rant

Glenn Beck
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Glenn Beck revisited his comments on comedian Stephen Colbert’s anti-Trump diatribe on Friday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program.”

Glenn recently warned Colbert about alienating people with his vitriolic rants against President Donald Trump. The comedian unleashed an anti-Trump tirade earlier this week that included crude sexual comments. “The press can say all they want that they don’t understand why this divide has happened, why people don’t trust them, [but] they want Stephen Colbert to say what he's saying,” Glenn asserted.

On Thursday, Glenn compared Colbert’s rants to his own career, saying, “You are me circa 2009.” He clarified on Friday that the heart of the issue is excluding people. He discussed what led him to speak in the way he did back then and then went on to cover how he wished he had done it instead.

“When I say ‘I made a mistake. I led half the country awry,’ I don’t mean our side. I mean the left. I led the left awry,” Glenn said. “I led them to a place of hating us even more.”

He wondered if his message would have been more effective if he had simply changed the way he addressed people.

“I contend now that possibly, possibly, it may have worked better if I would have made those points in a much different way and didn’t exclude the left,” Glenn said. “If I would have been moderate enough in my speech -- not my opinions, but in my speech -- to be able to appeal to those people who wanted to listen to reason.”

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