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Here's how capitalism works: This couple saw a need and met it with this convenient product

Doc Thompson
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Plenty of reusable water bottles are available, but people keep buying disposable plastic simply because it’s easier. Entrepreneurs Jean and Kevin Wu wanted to give consumers an environmentally friendly alternative that was still convenient, so they came up with a unique collapsible design.

Jean Wu joined Tuesday’s “The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson” to share the couple’s journey through many versions of their spiraling silicone water bottle to build a company called que Bottle. They both enjoy hiking and spending time outdoors and noticed a need for a water bottle that's easier to bring along.

“We really wanted to create something that was better for the environment and also convenient,” she said.

Their water bottle is travel-friendly thanks to its collapsible design, which spirals to shrink to about half its opened size. The Wus had to go through many versions of the bottle before they hit on the right design that fit their criteria for a functional, attractive, environmentally friendly water bottle.

“When it first came back, it was nothing like what we wanted,” Jean said.

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