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Here’s what Planned Parenthood's ‘celebration’ of Mike Pence’s birthday reveals about them

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Planned Parenthood D.C. invited supporters to donate this week specifically in honor of Vice President Mike Pence’s 58th birthday.

People can give donations in someone else’s name and that person will get a thank you card. A professing Christian, Pence opposes abortion in part because of his religious views – but Planned Parenthood has no scruples when it comes to other people’s values. Doc Thompson and Kal Elsebai had the story on Friday’s “The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson.”

“That’s seriously messed up,” Kal said.

Abortion is an issue that continues to divide the country. According to the latest Gallup polling, 19 percent of Americans believe abortion should be illegal in all circumstances, while 50 percent say that abortion should be legal but restricted; 46 percent of Americans identify as “pro-life.” More than half of Americans say that religion is “very important” in their lives.

Doc condemned Planned Parenthood’s lack of respect for both Pence’s religious beliefs and the faith of many Americans with similar principles.

“They are political, and they are nasty, having no respect for other people and their values,” Doc said of Planned Parenthood.

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