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Here’s why Venezuela is falling apart

Doc Thompson
Venezuelan opposition activists set up a barricade to block an avenue in Caracas, on April 24, 2017. Protesters plan Monday to block Venezuela's main roads including the capital's biggest motorway, triggering fears of further violence after three weeks of unrest left 21 people dead. / AFP PHOTO / FEDERICO PARRA (Photo credit should read FEDERICO PARRA/AFP/Getty Images)

Venezuela’s socialist policies have devastated the country. Inflation is skyrocketing, people are starving and protests are turning deadly. On “The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson,” Doc Thompson shared a breakdown of what’s happening in Venezuela and warned Americans to learn from the Venezuelans' mistakes.

People are rioting against President Nicolas Maduro, and at least 22 people have died during demonstrations. Venezuelans are scared and starving. In one example of how hard it is to get food, inflation has spiked the price of eggs so much that a dozen eggs now costs the equivalent of $150 in U.S. dollars.

“This is how poor it is,” Doc said. “The country is melting down. If it continues, people are going to starve to death. They’re not gonna have medicine. It’s gonna move beyond rioting … to a complete breakdown in society. Because people will not have food, it’ll be anarchy there.”

Doc compared the horror of Venezuelan riots to the luxury that we have in America, where thousands of people marched over the weekend to advocate for science. One irony of the March for Science on Saturday was that people were protesting to advocate for bigger government, while over in Venezuela, people were rioting against a big government that had taken everything from them.

Doc explained, “In America, people rabidly marched over the mistaken belief that there is an attack on science or because they want to convince people wrongly that there is an attack on science so they can benefit and have more power and control, versus people who can’t not only afford food but can’t even get it. It doesn’t exist after decades of government failure.”

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