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Hillary and staffers had continued access to classified information - and still lost the election

Doc Thompson
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Hillary Clinton's problems with email servers and her callous treatment of classified information has long been known. What has most recently come to light is the State Department report that Hillary Clinton and six of her staffers continued to have access to classified information after she resigned as secretary of state. Doc Thompson talked about the latest revelations in the seemingly never-ending scandal on "The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson".

Doc went down the list of advantages Clinton was handed on the campaign trail, from prior knowledge of CNN debate questions, to the assistance of former President Barack Obama, to celebrities using their star power in her favor, to now knowing she had access to classified information after she left the State Department.

With all of these these, Thompson pointed out, she still lost the election, and, he believes, deep down, people just knew her to be a bad choice:

"On some level, there's some people that stop and go, 'wait a minute something's not right here'. ... Everybody knows there's a problem in D.C."

He went on to add that, "this is also what gave rise to the Alt-Right, because their enemy became anybody in D.C. They were willing to say, 'well, I'm willing to accept some wrongs as long as some goods get in there, too'."

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