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If electors don't vote Trump in the Electoral College, the costs could be dire

Buck Sexton

Buck Sexton and Matt Continetti, editor-in-chief of The Washington Free Beacon, discuss the upcoming vote by the Electoral College and what the ramifications could be if they don't follow the results from their respective states. Buck states the media is resisting the election results and urging electors to defect from the Republican Party, and he asks, "What if they [electors] didn't vote for Trump?"

"There would be an insurrection in the country to be perfectly frank," Matt replies. He calls the idea that the Democrats might instigate a coup in the Electoral College "the most irresponsible, dangerous and lunatic thing to come out of the Left in some time."

"The Democrats and the media are supposed to be the guardians of decorum and responsible behavior and principle and contrast Donald Trump," Matt reminds us. "Yet with the Electoral College story they are revealing themselves to be children."

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